Business Coaching

With Hero's Exclusive Business Coach, Michelle Van Beek

Benefits of Business Coaching

  • Direction
    • Business Coaching Provides a clear customized pathway of where you need to go, what you need to do next & how to reach your goals
  • Action Plan
    • By having a full evaluation of your business performed, your business coach is able to build a step by step action plan to help you layout the steps that you need to take.
  • Support
    • Having a strong support system is half the battle. A lot of times we are afraid to reach out to successful industry leaders/Facebook groups, for fear of judgement, your business coach is there to support you regardless of your knowledge base, business size, profitability or how “silly” your questions might seem.
  • Accountability
    • Ever find yourself dragging your feet? Even if you know what needs to be done? You just can’t seem to commit the time to put in the hard work it requires? Or you just don’t make the time? Your business coach is a great source of accountability to keep you on track &  create continued momentum.
  • Knowledge
    • Ever hear that expression “you don’t know what you don’t know?” the more you understand about your business, the more successful you will be. Your business coach educates you on every aspect of your business and what it takes to be profitable.
  • Tools
    • Sometimes we are so close to putting all the pieces in place. We just don’t know how to make it all come perfectly together. With business coaching, not only have your coaches knowledge at your fingertips, you have access to some of the best tools and most successful processes in the industry.
  1. Inaccurate Financials & poorly managed bookkeeping
  2. Overstated Profitability or inability to make profit
  3. Excessive overhead/ huge inefficiencies
  4. Poor recruiting
  5. Lack of operations processes
  6. Negative cultures
  7. Employee Retention
  8. No set expectations
  9. Not understanding their numbers
  10. Poor accountability
  • Open your eyes by identifying the problems you have chose to ignore or you are completely oblivious to
  • helping you understand the impact these issues have on your business
  • create solutions to each challenge that you are facing
  • use your customized action plan as a guide to turn your dream into a reality
  • teach you how to create processes & standards to resolve inefficiencies
  • education on understanding your business financials & your companies health

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Michelle is great all around teacher, she really gets in there, she doesn't bull sh*t a lot, she tells you how it is, she tells you what you need to do to fix thing processes in your company. She not only shows you but gives you the tools on how to fix your business.

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