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We understand your pain points because we’ve lived it ourselves. That’s why we created Service Hero Academy – to provide a solution to the challenges with growing your business. We enable you to hire inexperienced candidates and have them trained and producing revenue within 30 days, increase average repair tickets for technicians, increase sales tickets for comfort advisors, and give your experienced technicians the tools they need to take their game to the next level


Follow along with Victor & Mike as they cover all of the essentials when it comes to closing high ticket jobs, overcoming objections and much more. Mike goes over technical training in Ultra HD, with easy to follow along training videos.


Equip your employee's with 24/7 unlimited access to Service Hero Academy courses. Ensure that you have ON-DEMAND access by clicking the download ICON and you won't even need internet service to watch anytime, anywhere.


You have complete access to our sales team. If you need help tackling sales issues within your organization we have one-on-one virtual and on-site sales training to help take your business to the next level!


Our courses are updated every week as we continuously push out more content. We ask weekly during our Q&A sessions what you would like to see next week in the APP! We are committed to staying up-to-date as possible.

Why Choose The #1 HVAC Sales Training Platform In The World?

Victor Rancour & Mike Mueller will become your personal sales and technical training coach, along with the entire Service Hero Academy Team. With our training you will scale your company faster than ever before, and build a company that can withstand any kind of economical downturns.

Our software has powerful training capabilities, we understand that as an HVAC owner you want to ensure your technicians are learning the information.

Inside Service Hero Academy, we have multi-tier courses, advanced quizzes after each course, technicians earn certificates after successfully completing a course, and you can even check your technicians progress directly inside the app!

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We have 16+ Unique Training Courses That Will Help Take Your Business To The Next Level

Ready To Scale Your Business?

Access the Platform From Any Device At Any Time

Service Hero Academy Is easily accessible from phones, tablets, and computers. Service Hero Academy has a custom built Apple and Android APP that allows you to download the video files straight to your phone! Your technicians can now watch these sales training videos on-the-go even when they have no internet service.

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You Can Trust Us!

Victor Rancour has used this exact same sales process for his own HVAC business, Absolute Airflow based out Anaheim, California. Victor in his first four years of ownership has grown and scaled his HVAC business from being a one man shop to a $20,000,000 company.

The unique aspect of victors business is that he home grows his own technicians. Hiring has been a major hurdle over the last few years with Covid. After your technicians watch Victor’s battle-proven sales training videos & quizzes, we’re confident that your brand new technicians will be churning profit in the first month after watching our training videos, and even veteran technicians will see dramatic increases in their sales tickets.

Tax Deductible

Treas. Reg. §1.162-5(a)(1) & Treas. Reg §1.162-5(a)(2) of IRS Code allows you to deduct this expenditure from your taxes.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren't absolutely happy, we'll refund you after 30 days.

What Service Hero Members Say.

Thinking about purchasing but you're still not sure? Check out these reviews of some of our members. We have hundreds!
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Ever since going to Victor’s furnace tune-up class I’ve broken every single record in the company.

Joe Ates, Tarpy heating & air

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I feel a lot more confident addressing these issues in the field and turning over a lot more leads and getting more sales

Arturo, Evolution heating & cooling

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Victor was teaching us trade secrets that I’m going to take back and increase my sales numbers ten-fold

Dylan, Blue Ribbon Heating & Cooling

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I would definitely recommend Service Hero, Victor has a process that’s like painting artwork for sales

Dylan, John Wayne Services

Some of the Service Hero sections.

Check out some more of the amazing content that waits for you inside of the Service Hero Academy APP.

Which Training Package Is Best For My Business?

We recommend adding Service Technicians, Tune-up Technicians & Comfort Advisors for maximum benefit on the Service Hero Platform.


Add Up To 5 Employees With This Plan
  • Access to ALL content​
  • Stream all 250+ Videos​
  • FB Group Access for LIFE​
  • Access Future Videos​
  • Regular Sales Contests​
  • Exclusive Financing Rates​
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee​


Add Up To 10 Employees With This Plan
  • Access to ALL content
  • Stream all 250+ Videos
  • FB Group Access for LIFE
  • Access Future Videos
  • Regular Sales Contests
  • Exclusive Financing Rates
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Add Up To 20 Employees With This Plan
  • Access to ALL content​
  • Stream all 250+ Videos​
  • FB Group Access for LIFE​
  • Access Future Videos​
  • Regular Sales Contests​
  • Exclusive Financing Rates​
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee​

Trusted by the top HVAC companies

Getting the training right for your technicians is a science.. With our inclusive training APP learn communication styles, closing techniques, handling objections and much more from the BEST salesman in the country.

Garrett Elmore​

Garrett Elmore​

Co-Founder & CEO Service Hero Academy


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