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Homeowner Objections

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  1. Get Into The Power Postion
  2. We Have To Get Two More Quotes Before Making A Decision
  3. I Always Get Three Bids Before A Decision
  4. Why Is Your Proposal So Much More Than Your Competitors?
  5. Your Proposal Is Way Over Our Original Budget
  6. Your Proposal Is A Little Bit Over Our Original Budget
  7. Can You Break Down Materials And Labor?
  8. I Need To Talk To My Spouse Before I Make A Decision
  9. We're Planning To Sell Our Home Soon
  10. Why Should We Choose You Over A Big Brand Like Home Depot, Costco, or Lowes?
  11. Can You Install Something I Buy Online?
  12. My Friend Just Got His System Replace For $5,000 Dollars
  13. I Want A Name Brand System
  14. The Other Guy Said He Can Do It In A Day Or Two, I Can't Wait Two Weeks For You
  15. I Pay Cash For Everything And That Is More Than I Budgeted For
  16. My Furnace Works Fine So Can I Get A Price To Just Replace The AC?
  17. The Other Guy Said He Could Just Replace My Furnace Because My AC Is Fine
  18. I Think I Just Need Some Time To Think It Over
  19. I Have A Home Warranty
  20. I Have A Big Expense Coming Up
  21. Can't You Just Add Refrigerant?
  22. We Want To Sleep On It
  23. I Have A Buddy That Can Do It For Me
  24. Send Us The Email, We'll Get Back To You Tomorrow
  25. Porch Light Close
  26. You're The First Estimate, I Have Someone Else Coming Right Now
  27. We're Looking For A Specific Price And Plan To Get More Estimates
  28. Why Should We Choose You Over Another Highly Rated Company?
  29. We Weren't Ready For This Kind Of Expense
  30. I Saw This Unit Online And It Was A Lot Cheaper
  31. Can You Send Me Your Proposal So I Can Compare Them With The Other Guys?
  32. My Cousin Is Saying He Can Replace It For A Fraction Of That Cost
  33. I Have A Home Warranty! They Will Replace It When It Goes Out.
  34. Can You Just Top Off My System To Buy Me Another Year?
  35. Rental Property
  36. I Got Quotes For Cheaper
  37. Why Customers Say No
  38. Why Is This Part So Expensive
  39. I Never Use My Furnace
  40. I'll Wait Until Next Year
  41. I Don't Finance
  42. "Why Didn't They Mention The Air Scrubber During The Installation"
  43. I Can Get Better Rates From My Bank
  44. My Partner Isn't Available Right Now
  45. Spouse Stall - Identify The Issue
  46. Gotta Do Some Research
  47. I Can't Afford A New Air Conditioner
  48. Think About It
  49. Payment Close - The Payment Is Too High
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I Got Quotes For Cheaper

Victor explains how to handle the objection I got quotes for cheaper.