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Become A Top Selling Salesman

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  1. Mentality Of A Top Salesman

  2. Waking Up In The Morning
  3. Driving To Work
  4. Being On Time
  5. Reading The Job History
  6. Pre-Screen Call Using Zillow
  7. Walking Up To The Home
  8. Mentality Quiz
    1 Quiz
  9. Sales & Estimate Process
    Why To Buy Today
  10. Setting The Stage
  11. Building Urgency Early
  12. Attic Inspection
  13. Measurements
  14. How To Use Presentation Book
  15. Going Over Options
  16. Step Financing Explained
  17. How To Reset The One Legger
  18. Selling Your Company
  19. How To Peak A Customers Interest
  20. Install Incentive Close
  21. Asking For Their Business
  22. Post Close
  23. Explaining A Single Stage Furnace
  24. Explaining A Single Stage AC System
  25. Explaining A Variable 2 Stage AC System
  26. Explaining A Variable Stage Furnace
  27. Sales & Estimate Quiz
    1 Quiz
  28. IAQ & Ducting
    Drawing Their Duct System
  29. Insulation Level Check
  30. Attic Inspection
  31. Duct Inspection
  32. Dampers Explained
  33. Greyflex Ducting
  34. Asbestos Ducting
  35. Mylar Ducting
  36. Explaining A UV Light
  37. IAQ & Duct Quiz
    1 Quiz
  38. How To Build Urgency
    4 Reasons To Replace Your Ducts
  39. Turning Over A System To A Salesman
  40. Turning Over A System To Yourself
  41. Shoulder Season
  42. Next Day Installation
  43. Creating Urgency With A Poor Condition Heat Exchanger
  44. Building Urgency Quiz
    1 Quiz
  45. MISC
    Inspecting Tubular Heat Exchanger
  46. Explaining Tubular Heat Exchanger
  47. Inspecting Serpentine Heat Exchanger
  48. Explaining Serpentine Heat Exchanger
  49. Inspecting Lennox Duracurve Heat Exchanger
  50. Explaining Clamshell Heat Exchanger
  51. Heating Sequence Of Operation
  52. Drawing A System
  53. Rat Check
  54. Ladder Drop Attic Access
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Shoulder Season

In this section, we’ll delve into how to effectively cultivate urgency and provide compelling reasons for customers to make purchases during the shoulder season. As we emerge from summer, fatigue may set in, but we’re faced with a choice: either capitalize on this period to generate revenue or endure financial stagnation. Personally, my bills don’t pause, so I approach the shoulder season with a mindset of “grind time.” This phase demands heightened effort as sales become more challenging. It’s a time when I must meticulously assess every aspect, from furnace disassembly to evaporator coil inspection, in a relentless pursuit of revenue.

To seize opportunities during the shoulder season, I adopt a proactive approach. Each morning, I jot down five compelling reasons why someone should invest in an air conditioner at that moment. Why? Because during this period, we often leverage manufacturer rebates and zero-down payment options, strategies we employ to ensure consistent work for our team. Hence, when engaging with customers, it’s essential to weave these incentives into our conversations.

For instance, I often debunk the misconception that winter is the ideal time to purchase an air conditioner. In reality, the period from late September to early November offers prime opportunities due to reduced demand. Moreover, I emphasize our company’s stellar reputation and the fierce competition for our skilled installers. This underscores the urgency for customers to act swiftly to secure our services.

Furthermore, I stress that these incentives have expiration dates set by manufacturers. Whether it’s rebates or financing plans, these offers come with deadlines. This “fear of loss” tactic prompts customers to make decisions promptly, knowing they might miss out on valuable deals.

During discussions, I directly address customers’ intentions, probing whether they genuinely seek immediate action or are merely exploring options. By emphasizing the unique benefits of acting now, such as slower business periods and exclusive incentives, I subtly nudge them towards making a commitment.

However, I’m transparent about our scheduling constraints, ensuring customers understand the urgency of their decision. If they express genuine interest, I leverage my flexibility to accommodate their needs, even if it means adjusting my schedule to prioritize their request.

In essence, my interactions with customers during the shoulder season are meticulously crafted to instill a sense of urgency and prompt decisive action. By aligning their needs with the unique advantages of this period, I pave the way for mutually beneficial outcomes and drive sales success.


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