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Become A Top Selling Salesman

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  1. Mentality Of A Top Salesman

  2. Waking Up In The Morning
  3. Driving To Work
  4. Being On Time
  5. Reading The Job History
  6. Pre-Screen Call Using Zillow
  7. Walking Up To The Home
  8. Mentality Quiz
    1 Quiz
  9. Sales & Estimate Process
    Why To Buy Today
  10. Setting The Stage
  11. Building Urgency Early
  12. Attic Inspection
  13. Measurements
  14. How To Use Presentation Book
  15. Going Over Options
  16. Step Financing Explained
  17. How To Reset The One Legger
  18. Selling Your Company
  19. How To Peak A Customers Interest
  20. Install Incentive Close
  21. Asking For Their Business
  22. Post Close
  23. Explaining A Single Stage Furnace
  24. Explaining A Single Stage AC System
  25. Explaining A Variable 2 Stage AC System
  26. Explaining A Variable Stage Furnace
  27. Sales & Estimate Quiz
    1 Quiz
  28. IAQ & Ducting
    Drawing Their Duct System
  29. Insulation Level Check
  30. Attic Inspection
  31. Duct Inspection
  32. Dampers Explained
  33. Greyflex Ducting
  34. Asbestos Ducting
  35. Mylar Ducting
  36. Explaining A UV Light
  37. IAQ & Duct Quiz
    1 Quiz
  38. How To Build Urgency
    4 Reasons To Replace Your Ducts
  39. Turning Over A System To A Salesman
  40. Turning Over A System To Yourself
  41. Shoulder Season
  42. Next Day Installation
  43. Creating Urgency With A Poor Condition Heat Exchanger
  44. Building Urgency Quiz
    1 Quiz
  45. MISC
    Inspecting Tubular Heat Exchanger
  46. Explaining Tubular Heat Exchanger
  47. Inspecting Serpentine Heat Exchanger
  48. Explaining Serpentine Heat Exchanger
  49. Inspecting Lennox Duracurve Heat Exchanger
  50. Explaining Clamshell Heat Exchanger
  51. Heating Sequence Of Operation
  52. Drawing A System
  53. Rat Check
  54. Ladder Drop Attic Access
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Turning Over A System To Yourself

As a technician transitioning into a sales role, one of the most challenging aspects is shifting gears from technical problem-solving to salesmanship. However, I’ve found a simple yet effective approach to seamlessly make this transition and instill urgency in customers to make decisions on the spot.

Before discussing pricing, it’s crucial to gauge the customer’s readiness to proceed. When they inquire about the cost of a new unit, seize the opportunity to deflect the question by emphasizing the timeliness of the decision. For instance, respond with, “Mr. Smith, as the fix-it guy, I’m not privy to exact pricing details. However, I do know that now is an opportune moment to consider investing in a new air conditioner.”

By mentioning ongoing promotions and financing options like no-money-down offers, we create a sense of urgency. Prompt the customer to confirm their readiness to act by asking, “Is this something you’re looking to get done right away, or are you still in the exploratory phase?” Their response will guide the next steps.

If the customer expresses a desire to proceed promptly, acknowledge the current workload of both yourself and the sales department. Offer to explore options further but subtly imply that immediate action is necessary due to scheduling constraints. This gentle push encourages the customer to commit to a decision sooner rather than later.

Once the customer confirms their readiness to proceed, take the initiative to contact a manager or supervisor to discuss the situation. During this conversation, provide a detailed overview of the issues identified during the service call, emphasizing the urgency of the situation and the customer’s eagerness to move forward.

After confirming the availability of incentives and pricing details, reaffirm the customer’s commitment to proceed. This step ensures alignment between all parties involved and sets the stage for a smooth transition to the next phase of the process.

By leveraging cognitive dissonance, which is the discomfort of feeling inconsistent, we reinforce the customer’s commitment to the decision. Later follow-ups can remind them of their initial agreement, thereby maintaining momentum and increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome.

In essence, by strategically guiding the conversation and building urgency, we facilitate a seamless transition from technician to salesperson, ultimately driving higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


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