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Homeowner Objections

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  1. I Don't Finance
  2. "Why Didn't They Mention The Air Scrubber During The Installation"
  3. I Can Get Better Rates From My Bank
  4. My Partner Isn't Available Right Now
  5. Spouse Stall - Identify The Issue
  6. Gotta Do Some Research
  7. I Can't Afford A New Air Conditioner
  8. Think About It
  9. Payment Close - The Payment Is Too High
  10. I'll Wait Until Next Year
  11. Why Is This Part So Expensive
  12. I Never Use My Furnace
  13. Why Customers Say No
  14. I Got Quotes For Cheaper
  15. Rental Property
  16. Can You Just Top Off My System To Buy Me Another Year?
  17. I Have A Home Warranty! They Will Replace It When It Goes Out.
  18. My Cousin Is Saying He Can Replace It For A Fraction Of That Cost
  19. Can You Send Me Your Proposal So I Can Compare Them With The Other Guys?
  20. I Saw This Unit Online And It Was A Lot Cheaper
  21. We Weren't Ready For This Kind Of Expense
  22. Why Should We Choose You Over A Big Brand Like Home Depot, Costco, or Lowes?
  23. We're Looking For A Specific Price And Plan To Get More Estimates
  24. You're The First Estimate, I Have Someone Else Coming Right Now
  25. Porch Light Close
  26. Send Us The Email, We'll Get Back To You Tomorrow
  27. I Have A Buddy That Can Do It For Me
  28. We Want To Sleep On It
  29. Can't You Just Add Refrigerant?
  30. I Have A Big Expense Coming Up
  31. I Have A Home Warranty
  32. I Think I Just Need Some Time To Think It Over
  33. The Other Guy Said He Could Just Replace My Furnace Because My AC Is Fine
  34. My Furnace Works Fine So Can I Get A Price To Just Replace The AC?
  35. I Pay Cash For Everything And That Is More Than I Budgeted For
  36. The Other Guy Said He Can Do It In A Day Or Two, I Can't Wait Two Weeks For You
  37. I Want A Name Brand System
  38. My Friend Just Got His System Replace For $5,000 Dollars
  39. Can You Install Something I Buy Online?
  40. Why Should We Choose You Over Another Highly Rated Company?
  41. We're Planning To Sell Our Home Soon
  42. I Need To Talk To My Spouse Before I Make A Decision
  43. Can You Break Down Materials And Labor?
  44. Your Proposal Is A Little Bit Over Our Original Budget
  45. Your Proposal Is Way Over Our Original Budget
  46. Why Is Your Proposal So Much More Than Your Competitors?
  47. I Always Get Three Bids Before A Decision
  48. We Have To Get Two More Quotes Before Making A Decision
  49. Get Into The Power Position
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We Have To Get Two More Quotes Before Making A Decision

When a customer indicates the need to obtain additional estimates before making a decision, handling the conversation with tact and confidence is crucial. Here’s a refined approach to addressing their hesitance:

“Mike, I understand your interest in gathering multiple estimates to ensure you’re making the best decision for your HVAC needs. It’s prudent to explore different options, especially for a significant investment like this. You mentioned I’m the first person you’ve consulted, and there are a couple more estimates on the horizon. It’s essential, however, to consider what each company brings to the table in terms of responsiveness, quality, and value.

You noted that one company hasn’t been as prompt in scheduling with you. Immediate responsiveness, or lack thereof, can be indicative of future service quality. When selecting a company for your project, it’s about more than just the numbers; it’s about ensuring reliability, quality service, and prompt attention should any issues arise.

Our company prides itself on being readily available for our clients and maintaining high standards in every aspect of our service. This commitment is reflected in our reviews, which you’ve already noted stand out for quality and balanced pricing. We strive to provide exceptional value, marrying quality with cost-effectiveness, underpinned by our commitment to excellent service and support.

Given our thorough discussion today and understanding your needs and concerns, if there was a way to align our proposal with what you’re comfortable moving forward with, would you consider starting the project with us? I’m here to work with you, ensuring we can make the necessary adjustments to meet your needs and budget.

Let’s explore a solution that allows us to proceed, ensuring you receive the high-quality service and support your project deserves, without further delay. How does that sound?”

This approach emphasizes understanding, flexibility, and the unique value proposition of your service, encouraging the customer to consider the broader implications of their choice beyond just the price.