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Homeowner Objections

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  1. I Don't Finance
  2. "Why Didn't They Mention The Air Scrubber During The Installation"
  3. I Can Get Better Rates From My Bank
  4. My Partner Isn't Available Right Now
  5. Spouse Stall - Identify The Issue
  6. Gotta Do Some Research
  7. I Can't Afford A New Air Conditioner
  8. Think About It
  9. Payment Close - The Payment Is Too High
  10. I'll Wait Until Next Year
  11. Why Is This Part So Expensive
  12. I Never Use My Furnace
  13. Why Customers Say No
  14. I Got Quotes For Cheaper
  15. Rental Property
  16. Can You Just Top Off My System To Buy Me Another Year?
  17. I Have A Home Warranty! They Will Replace It When It Goes Out.
  18. My Cousin Is Saying He Can Replace It For A Fraction Of That Cost
  19. Can You Send Me Your Proposal So I Can Compare Them With The Other Guys?
  20. I Saw This Unit Online And It Was A Lot Cheaper
  21. We Weren't Ready For This Kind Of Expense
  22. Why Should We Choose You Over A Big Brand Like Home Depot, Costco, or Lowes?
  23. We're Looking For A Specific Price And Plan To Get More Estimates
  24. You're The First Estimate, I Have Someone Else Coming Right Now
  25. Porch Light Close
  26. Send Us The Email, We'll Get Back To You Tomorrow
  27. I Have A Buddy That Can Do It For Me
  28. We Want To Sleep On It
  29. Can't You Just Add Refrigerant?
  30. I Have A Big Expense Coming Up
  31. I Have A Home Warranty
  32. I Think I Just Need Some Time To Think It Over
  33. The Other Guy Said He Could Just Replace My Furnace Because My AC Is Fine
  34. My Furnace Works Fine So Can I Get A Price To Just Replace The AC?
  35. I Pay Cash For Everything And That Is More Than I Budgeted For
  36. The Other Guy Said He Can Do It In A Day Or Two, I Can't Wait Two Weeks For You
  37. I Want A Name Brand System
  38. My Friend Just Got His System Replace For $5,000 Dollars
  39. Can You Install Something I Buy Online?
  40. Why Should We Choose You Over Another Highly Rated Company?
  41. We're Planning To Sell Our Home Soon
  42. I Need To Talk To My Spouse Before I Make A Decision
  43. Can You Break Down Materials And Labor?
  44. Your Proposal Is A Little Bit Over Our Original Budget
  45. Your Proposal Is Way Over Our Original Budget
  46. Why Is Your Proposal So Much More Than Your Competitors?
  47. I Always Get Three Bids Before A Decision
  48. We Have To Get Two More Quotes Before Making A Decision
  49. Get Into The Power Position
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Your Proposal Is Way Over Our Original Budget

When addressing concerns about the project significantly exceeding the customer’s budget, it’s essential to navigate the conversation with empathy and strategic solutions. Here’s a professional approach:

“Mike, understanding that our proposal exceeds your anticipated budget significantly is a critical point for us to address. It appears the comprehensive nature of the work required was more extensive than initially expected, contributing to the higher cost. Recognizing the importance of staying within a budget, especially for significant home improvements like this, is paramount.

Your initial budget of $8,000 was set with certain expectations, which our assessment has expanded upon. This is a common situation when delving into the details of what’s truly required for a project of this nature. The objective here isn’t to extend your financial commitments unnecessarily but to ensure the investment into your home’s comfort system is sound, efficient, and durable.

Considering your preference for cash payment and the budgetary constraints now apparent, our financing options are designed to offer flexibility. Utilizing the $8,000 as a substantial deposit and financing the remaining balance interest-free for 12 months presents a manageable solution. This approach allows us to proceed with the essential work without compromising the project’s quality or delaying its benefits.

Would scheduling the installation for this coming Tuesday or Thursday be feasible for you? Our team’s readiness to commence swiftly is a testament to our commitment to your comfort and satisfaction, ensuring the project’s timely completion without the usual wait times.”

This version of the conversation emphasizes understanding, flexibility, and solution-oriented dialogue, presenting a financing option that respects the customer’s budget while still moving forward with the project.